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 2080  Bug Report Closed 13.09.2019  disc duplication  No Gribgrab
0 0 Task Description

I was digging through some chests of mine and I found a Cat music disc and a Jukebox, I put down the jukebox and when I put the disc in it plays but doesn’t take it out of my inventory, I take it out and it just gives me another one, I do it again and I get another one. I ended up with 3 discs and then it stopped.

 1864  Bug Report Closed 10.08.2017 27.10.2017  camera bug  No Gribgrab
0 1 Task Description

so I recently got an Alienware 17 R4 and I decided to come back to Craftland but every time I join there is a bug where every time I look around the camera freaks out and lags my game but when I don’t move my camera everything is fine but I am stuck looking down

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