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 1799  Bug Report Closed 22.04.2017 30.04.2017  error mac  No YellowBird
0 2 Task Description


#   Minecraft has crashed !   #      

Function is not supported

— BEGIN ERROR REPORT 1229d8bd ——– Generated 22.04.17 22:03

Mod version: 7.45
Launcher: Craftland
Shaders: Disable
Resource Packs: Default;resources;Default (minecraft.jar)
OS: Mac OS X (x86_64 on x64 OS) version 10.7.5
Java: 1.6.0_65, Apple Inc.
JVM Memory: 2043MB
Texture Memory: Allocated 19,71 MBMB
Tesselator buffers: 4325376 Bytes / 2228224 Bytes
VM: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (mixed mode), Apple Inc.
LWJGL: 2.9.0
OpenGL: Intel GMA 950 OpenGL Engine version 1.4 APPLE-7.4.1, Intel Inc.
Worlds: 1
Chunks: 0/1
C: 0/2717. F: 0, O: 0, E: 0, V: 0
E: 0/0. B: 0, I: 0
P: 0. T: All: 1

Unexpected error
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Function is not supported

  at org.lwjgl.BufferChecks.checkFunctionAddress(
  at org.lwjgl.opengl.GL20.glVertexAttribPointer(
  at gfdtgfdtbbdtbbfg.byte(SourceFile:623)
  at tddtdttddtbbgfdt.if(SourceFile:88)
  at bbtdtdbbtdfgtdtd.drawFirstPersonHand(SourceFile:267)
  at fgfgfgdtfgdttddt.superDrawFirstPersonHand(SourceFile:47)
  at fgfgfgdtfgdttddt.drawFirstPersonHand(SourceFile:6212)
  at gfdtdtbbtdfgdtbb.if(SourceFile:9635)
  at gfdtdtbbtdfgdtbb.for(SourceFile:1352)

— END ERROR REPORT 2451b11b ———-

1697 Feature Request New 31.07.2016 Spectral Planes or Spectral Realm (Dimension with no mi... No YellowBird
0 0 Task Description

- A spectral plane is a dimension of ghosts. It´s just a world generated either as floating islands or normal overworld but instead of having material blocks all blocks are slightly see through like in the world edit mode where you can see the projection of blocks

- In this world you can fly naturally because of you become a ghost.

- To build in this world you need to bring blocks from other dimensions. Those blocks can be placed on the normal ground of the spectral world (even though the ground is note mineable. The new place blockeds will become over time spectral versions of the same block and will then no longer be mineable.

- A potion (splash) or device could be introduced to make spectral blocks into normal ones (instant with a potion or over time with a device in a certain radius).

- Any mob of craftland can just be part of this world in a spectral slighty transparent form and as you may have already figured you will be in need of special equipment to be deal with the mobs (spectral sword, spectra bow, spectral hammer, etc)

If possible give that world a red sky.

Thank you.

PS: The more you have died before in the normal world the more you get haunted in the spectral world. Ghosts and souls can travel through everything (new pathfinding)

1694 Feature Request New 24.07.2016 Infusement Table Additions with minor items No YellowBird
0 0 Task Description

What if you could use the infusement table sort of like a exchange table (somehow like in Equivalent Exchange).

Basically a converter that enables you to convert things into other things.

- Each base gem into another base gem. Like diamonds into rubys, sapphire, zircon, onyx. Can vary in quantity needed to get the exchange.
- Each minor gem into another minor gem, like lapis into redstone, ambrosium, zanite, quartz.
- Each metal into another metal, like iron into gold or gravitite.
- Each glowstone into other ones depending on rarity.
- so on



1586 Feature Request New 01.05.2016 Summoning chest plus upgrade (emerald / sapphire / citr... No YellowBird
0 0 Task Description

For the use in grinders.

It´s a chest that tier 1 is a crafted by 8 emerald blocks and will give you a container that has the following feature.

- it holds 2 spawner slots giving the ability to place two spawners at one place in your grinder

- tier 2 sapphire chests (8 sapphire blocks) hast two slots for spawners and additional two potion slots and can be filled with ducts

  1. the potions speed could increase the spawner rate for the time of their effect
  2. the strenght potion could spawn highlevel mobs
  3. the potion harming could spawn mobs close to death with 1-2 hitpoints
  4. the potion essence of undeath will set back the spawners spawncounter
  5. the potion of regeneration would add one additionl mobspawn for each spawner

- tier 3 the citrine chest holds up to 3 spawners and got 3 potion slots

- tier 4 the tourmaline chest holds up to 4 spawners and has 4 potion slots

- tier 5 the onyx chest holds up to 5 spawners at once and has 5 potion slots

This idea would make it possible to decrease the size of grinders and have easier grinder setups

The chests could although be a upgrade to the emerald chest so that you always have to provide the first tier like an emerald chest surrounded by sapphire blocks to get the sapphire chest.

Those chests would basically be a spawnersystem.

The whole thing could later on be crafted into a multiblock structure which can harness the xp of the mobs without having them to spawn and the need of a player killing them. This could be like a cell or an iron maiden crafted out of spike blocks. The iron maiden would basically squeeze the XP out of the mobs but would destroy the loot. The mobs would then be spawned via a special sort of duct directly into the iron maiden and the chests could that way be nicely sorted like a storage and be connected to the iron maiden via a duct system that leads on top of the iron maiden. Inside of the iron maiden a slot for glass bottles would be there and a tank that fills up and the xp of it would be bottled always into xp bottles.

If the loot is wanted the iron maiden could get upgraded to a golden maiden which works more effective and can collect up to one type of loot of the mobs. The next upgrade would be the diamond maiden that could collect two sorts of loot of a mob and the next one would be the emerald maiden which collects up to three different loot items of mobs. The ruby maiden collects 4 slots of different items and the toumaline maiden collects up to 5 different loot items.

With ducts the loot items can be pulled out of the maidens and be transported to their next destination like a disenchanter or any other container.

This would be a awesome way of building summoning structures that are basically.

A laboratory of potion brewing connected to the spanwercheststorage connected to maidens connected to either disenchanters, chests, shopchests, etc.

This is not even a mutli structure this is a mega structure. and can be placed free to the players will just by building up a network.

Could be intense to have it.

1585 Feature Request New 01.05.2016 Insanity Effect (Shaders that make a increasing tunnelv... No YellowBird
0 0 Task Description

Insanity Effect (Shaders that make a increasing tunnelview) and you have to use potions of regeneration 1x and 1x healing to get rid of it and become stepwise sane again.

1582 Feature Request New 30.04.2016 Tameable and rideable spider mounts during daytime fall... No YellowBird
0 0 Task Description

Tameable and rideable spider mounts during daytime falling back to hostile at nightshift?

1580 Feature Request New 29.04.2016 Website TS show only active players and channels they a... No YellowBird
0 0 Task Description

Reminder Nidefawl

1579 Feature Request New 29.04.2016 29.04.2016 Hunger enchant or effect No YellowBird
0 1 Task Description

Whenever hit the player is hit by hunger and depending on the effect looses first all food and then hearts.

1573 Feature Request New 26.04.2016 29.04.2016 Emerald Sword (+10-20% XP - durability 777) No YellowBird
4 2 Task Description

Maybe you want it.
Textures are there for vanilla and sphax:

 1572  Feature Request Closed 25.04.2016  Bouncing Armor or Enchant  No YellowBird
0 0 Task Description

A new armor that has entities (20%) bouncing of when they hit you, basically like a slime block or knockback.

Could altough be a new enchant.

1571 Feature Request New 24.04.2016 01.05.2016 Spawn Parkour with all blocks and items in display case... No YellowBird
0 1 Task Description

Ok here is the idea an i think it can be done in many ways.

Make a parkour around the spawn or have it even go outside the spawn. The parkour simply always uses another craftland block like Although items in display cases can be used that way.
For explanation the blocks can carry signs, which say what it is and what it is useful for.

That is a s-load of fun and very informative and self explanatory.

It is easy to build and would add to spawn.
If someone wants to have it in a own world then go ahead but to get players there a reward would be good.

Just have a parkour with every existing block and item on craftland. Just think about the possibilities with clouds and have even craftbook plattforms to explain things that way. Although redstone could be a thing. The next would be the parkour can easily be expanded when a new update adds new stuff.

I am sure there are plenty of people willing to build something like that. Maybe it could even be a contest in a creative world (christams island?), like who builds the coolest and most fun plus informative parkour about craftland.

Of course you can although set up warps to the most important plattforms in case of the features explained there.

Well i am interested what you think about that.



1570 Feature Request New 24.04.2016 Easter eggs flipped on top would be incredible beehives... No YellowBird
0 0 Task Description

I just saw the pictures of the easter eggs on the newspage and suddenly i got aware that one of those flipped and placed in a tree would be a very nice beehive model.
Have those generate in Deepvale would be nice.

Bees resources can be obtained from the wasp of the natura mod (open source), which would only need to be rendered a bit smaller.

Those are the natura wasps They generate in the nether in hughe hives and you can otbain honey from their hiveblocks.

In the easteregg-hive-thingy it could be basically like a spawner spawning those wasps/bees and when destroyed the hive would drop and you can place it at you home in a tree and harvest honey buy killing the bees?

A no idea, but i like the bees.

 1569  Feature Request Closed 23.04.2016 28.04.2016  Alternate Textures Phoenix Sword & Obsidian Sword (swor ... No YellowBird
0 4 Task Description

Check it out, maybe you want it.


The obsidian sword could work like the cloud staff and allow to spawn two endereyes next to the head of the player, which shoot enderpearls on mobs and that way teleport them. It could although just be a dark projectile, doing damage.
Another thought would be that the obsidian sword can be charged by sacrificing peaceful mobs. For each sacrificed mob the damage of the sword would increase by l0. It basically can be done with every peacfull mob but only once (it could even have a certain order of which entity to sacrifice next). If you then would attack by right klicking the sword would release the full damage for once, the second time it would decrease by 10, third by 10, etc. and would finally get depleted. The sword could then be 4 times filled up again. That way it could become a very powerful weapon. Of course the chance of breaking the sword should grow the more often a player uses the sword.

Example calculation for sacrifice option:
base damage 10
sacrificed chicken 20
sacrificed sheep 30
sacrificed cow 40
sacrificed penguin 50
sacrificed panda 60
sacrificed aerbunny 70
sacrificed sheepuff 80
sacrificed pig 90
sacrificed phyg 100
sacrificed moa 110
sacrificed flying cow 120
sacrificed pigman 130
sacrificed enderman 140
sacrificed endereye 150
sacrificed wolf 160
sacrificed ozelot 170
sacrificed squid 180
sacrificed mushroom cow 190
sacrificed villager 200
sacrificed bat 210
sacrificed iron golem 220
sacrificed gold golem 230
sacrificed diamond golem 240
sacrificed snow golem 250
sacrificed bird 260

Like the example above tells every hit the damage would decrease by 10, a player could deal 3500 points damage until the sword would definitly break if it did not break before. This would make it a ultimate boss weapon in the arena. I would of course increase the chance of breaking the sword the more often it had been used, so most likely players will deal approxiamtley between 1500 - 2500 damage until the swords breaks, cause of the factor of breaking the sword would increase to that point to a very high possibility. So it would be way smarter for the player after he dealt about lets say 1500 damage to put away the sword and fill it the second time up by sacrificing the mobs he needs to get the sword to full power again. This could happen for four times (five sword textures).


For the phoenix sword i although thought about the feature of using it like the cloud staff and therefore getting two tiny yellow birds next to the players head. This would basically work like the premium feature of not loosing inventory by death and would be the chance for the nonpremium players to get that feature too. Lets say the sword can summon at all 4 (five sword colors) birds then the nonpremium player could have keep inventory on for four times.

Another thing could be that killing zombies with the sword would bring them back as normal villagers.
Killing pigman would bring back pigs.
Killig skeletons would bring them back as villagers.
Killing ghasts would bring them back as sheep.
It could basically be that every hostile mob can be turned into a peacefull mob. That would be fun and have a nice note. Of course the blade is although interesting for grinders then, cause of you get basically two entities for the price of one spawned. But according to the blades low durability it would not be a major impact.

A Phoenix Axe could turn logs directly into charcoal.

1567 Feature Request New 20.04.2016 Spawners can be disenchanted in the disenchanter No YellowBird
0 0 Task Description

To get rid of some spawners it would be nice if spawners could be disenchanted in the disenchanter.


1561 Feature Request New 12.04.2016 Additional carpets on the loom from the chisel mod No YellowBird
0 0 Task Description

Please consider having the carpets from the chisel modification (github = to be crafted on the new loom.

Those are really fancy and help a lot at building + there are sphax textures available for it.



PS: Siehs dir bitte an, die machen interessante Sachen mit Leuchteffekten auf den Blocks.

1558 Feature Request New 10.04.2016 Bats & glass slabs No YellowBird
0 0 Task Description

Nice textures for the use with bats.

I just remembered the request for glass slabs.

1557 Feature Request New 10.04.2016 Updated Sphax Textures No YellowBird
0 0 Task Description

I updated the textures for the craftland blocks and some items for sphax.

Would nice if it could be added next update.


1556 Feature Request New 10.04.2016 18.04.2016 Auroa Borealis No YellowBird
1 1 Task Description

I found this today and it is 1.7.10 and includes the aurora for minecraft in the cold taiga and ice plain biomes.

Well cool isn´t it?


1555 Feature Request New 10.04.2016 11.04.2016 Mobbattles & Playerbattles No YellowBird
0 2 Task Description

What if we could like in Pokemon capture special mobs (rare mobs of any type we got) in a reusable spawnegg and train them by first feeding them with whatever they desire to a certain point and then train them against either other wild mobs or other mobs of any player. The moblevelsystem we have on craftland is more or less a base for such a thing.


Player A finds in the icesheet-biome a tameable penguin (lets say 3% chance of getting one). He captures him with a reusable spawnegg after he tamed it with the penguins item of choice (lets say a special fish). Then the player takes the penguin home and feeds it with tons of items of the penguins desire to get him ready to level up to level 2. To reach level 2 the penguin needs to win lets say 10 battles or better needs to gain a certain amount of xp (like mcmmo levels(it could even be more ridiculous by giving the mobs different skills like stamina, dexterity, damage, etc.). After reaching level 2 the same (more difficult) journey to level 3 can be started.

Player B now has a lets say level 8 silverfish and wants to battle players C´s level 7 aerbunny. Both of the mobs could have their stats and could enter a fight in a special mobarena. The winner of the fight gets either a price that was set before or otherwise the other players creature.

I think this would be a cool thing cause as we all know PVP is difficult but the mobbattles could give us a way to challenge each other and get into competition. The best would be before entering the mobarena it is ensured that every player knows that whatever he bets on the fight can be lost to the opponent.

Well maybe nick, or marc are interested on this cause of i think Nide and piggy are busy.

Anyways have a good time.

 1525  Feature Request Closed 27.03.2016 06.04.2016  Ticker for the helpers to promote Voting  No YellowBird
0 1 Task Description

Please add a playerticker that pokes the helpers lets say above 30 players to start initiatives like events, games, etc. in order to promote voting in a special way.

 1524  Bug Report Closed 26.03.2016 26.03.2016  Serverlist   No YellowBird
0 1 Task Description

If you got time please add the server to the server list.

 1523  Feature Request Closed 25.03.2016  Mushrooms  No YellowBird
0 0 Task Description

Hei Michel,

anbei ein neuer Pilz für das Projekt. Möglich als ein Bestandteil der Flugpotion, weil du ja erwähnt hattest, dass im Projekt auch fliegen denkbar sein könnte.

Eine Potion hat den Vorteil du kannst sie zeitlich begrenzen.

Als Zutaten könnte der Pilz hier dienen.

Ich würde aber auch noch folgende Dinge in solch einer Potion sehen:
Golden Feather
Ghost Chilli Powder
Wither Soul
Golden Acheor Petal
Enchanted Berries oder als Alternative nehmen wir den Orange bush und hängen da neue Früchte ran die man dafür einsetzen könnte.



 1522  Feature Request Closed 25.03.2016  Item-Container Lifter to move full containers ingame  No YellowBird
0 0 Task Description

Please consider a item, possibly with uses that enables you to move full containers like chests, shopchests, disenchanters, etc. to another location without the hassle of breaking them down and setting it up again.

[size=200]It is f-ing annoying![/size]

Make it a magic item or a technical i dont care. Use pistons, droppers, gems, whatsoever to make the item. I just want to be able to move full chests.

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