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1381 Feature Request 20.12.2015 Furnace/Redstone Comparator No Randoro
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Right now if the fuel slot contains an Item it emits a redstone signal with the redstone comparator. Is this intended?

The most common setup I would say is that you want to know if the furnace is busy or not, while always just trying to push as much fuel into the furnace. Thus it would be much better if the redstone signal was on ONLY the upper slot, the input.

1699 Feature Request 05.08.2016 More Hanging Lanterns No Cbaby1011
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It would be awesome if more hanging lanterns were added to give some of the useless ores and blocks a use. Of course some of items do have uses but I think they would look really nice.

Items That Would Look Nice as a Lantern

-Shadow Oak Log
-Dark Shadow Oak Log

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