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Attached to Project: Craftland
Opened by YellowBird - 01.05.2016

FS#1586 - Summoning chest plus upgrade (emerald / sapphire / citrine / tourmaline)

For the use in grinders.

It´s a chest that tier 1 is a crafted by 8 emerald blocks and will give you a container that has the following feature.

- it holds 2 spawner slots giving the ability to place two spawners at one place in your grinder

- tier 2 sapphire chests (8 sapphire blocks) hast two slots for spawners and additional two potion slots and can be filled with ducts

  1. the potions speed could increase the spawner rate for the time of their effect
  2. the strenght potion could spawn highlevel mobs
  3. the potion harming could spawn mobs close to death with 1-2 hitpoints
  4. the potion essence of undeath will set back the spawners spawncounter
  5. the potion of regeneration would add one additionl mobspawn for each spawner

- tier 3 the citrine chest holds up to 3 spawners and got 3 potion slots

- tier 4 the tourmaline chest holds up to 4 spawners and has 4 potion slots

- tier 5 the onyx chest holds up to 5 spawners at once and has 5 potion slots

This idea would make it possible to decrease the size of grinders and have easier grinder setups

The chests could although be a upgrade to the emerald chest so that you always have to provide the first tier like an emerald chest surrounded by sapphire blocks to get the sapphire chest.

Those chests would basically be a spawnersystem.

The whole thing could later on be crafted into a multiblock structure which can harness the xp of the mobs without having them to spawn and the need of a player killing them. This could be like a cell or an iron maiden crafted out of spike blocks. The iron maiden would basically squeeze the XP out of the mobs but would destroy the loot. The mobs would then be spawned via a special sort of duct directly into the iron maiden and the chests could that way be nicely sorted like a storage and be connected to the iron maiden via a duct system that leads on top of the iron maiden. Inside of the iron maiden a slot for glass bottles would be there and a tank that fills up and the xp of it would be bottled always into xp bottles.

If the loot is wanted the iron maiden could get upgraded to a golden maiden which works more effective and can collect up to one type of loot of the mobs. The next upgrade would be the diamond maiden that could collect two sorts of loot of a mob and the next one would be the emerald maiden which collects up to three different loot items of mobs. The ruby maiden collects 4 slots of different items and the toumaline maiden collects up to 5 different loot items.

With ducts the loot items can be pulled out of the maidens and be transported to their next destination like a disenchanter or any other container.

This would be a awesome way of building summoning structures that are basically.

A laboratory of potion brewing connected to the spanwercheststorage connected to maidens connected to either disenchanters, chests, shopchests, etc.

This is not even a mutli structure this is a mega structure. and can be placed free to the players will just by building up a network.

Could be intense to have it.



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